mid week mania

Humpday is suppose to be a great day... I mean, they even have a commercial about it where a camel debuts declaring it's "humpday." But this week, I wish it were Friday.  Well, I actually wish it were Saturday evening seeing as I have too many commitments on Saturday morning, as does my husband, and I won't get any reprieve until then.  
My week started out on a good (ha!) foot: Monday morning in the middle of a deep sleep I was assaulted with my husband handing me my son saying "here, take him, I need to shower right now!!!" (actually he needed to do something else but I'll save him at least a shred of dignity).  So in a total delirious state I took Elijah and began to feed him.  This didn't go over too well because he was so congested he couldn't breathe. I tended to that issue, fed him, and as I was beginning to wake up enough to realize I had my sweet son in my arms, I looked down at his precious face just in time for him to projectile vomit all over my face. and chest. and sheets. and hair.  This all happened before 7:00AM.  Now, to all you haters that think "uh... I don't want to hear about your kid's snot and puke" then quit reading, this blog won't be for you going forward.  And I could be worse.  I could be a mom that posts every picture of my son's accomplishments or tells you he "tried peas today and didn't like them," but I won't do that.  Or I won't do that each post anyway.  ;) 
Now, it is Wednesday and my precious, teething son (and he really is quite agreeable despite the teething) and I have been stuck in the house all.week. because of the rain.  I know rain is necessary and I know it helps my pathetic excuse of a garden grow, but COME ON.  This momma needs to get out of the house with her precious baby and she needs to experience the sun on her face and the need to wear short sleeves.  (Arkansas, I do not appreciate 50 degree weather in the middle of May.  Can I get an Amen?  Thank you.)  Despite the midweek mania, but sweet in laws did come by today and offer to watch Elijah while I went to "town" to buy some new tennis shoes for the first time in four years.  Can you tell I am an avid athlete?  I also had time to eat lunch by myself.  (I use to feel sorry for that girl eating alone in a restaurant, now, I totally understand her).  Sadly the whole tennis shoe ordeal lasted 5 minutes.  I walked in the store, saw the pair I wanted, tried them on and left.  I didn't even buy the socks they had "on sale" for $15/pair.  No thank you- I will stick to Hanes and call it a day.  
I guess this week I just feel a little out of sorts because my house is in disarray (well my neglected bedroom and bathroom).  (I HATE cleaning my bathroom.)  (I HATE sharing a bathroom with a boy- their hygiene is sub par compared to a woman's hygiene and I have a clean husband.)  (Last week I found his disposable contacts on the bathroom floor because he couldn't "see" to throw them in the toilet.)  (Why doesn't he throw them in the trash can?)  and I keep trying to fill the void of my heart with other things like Real Housewives of New York or my new InStyle magazine that just arrived.  I guess I am writing this post simply to confess that this mommy needs some "me" time and it has to start with Jesus in the morning or at some point in the day.  And now, it is Wednesday and I have YET to spend some real time with Him.  So, my mid week mania will end now (hopefully).  I am going to spend some time with my first Love and hopefully feel restored.  And if I don't feel restored, I will still be grateful because regardless of my "feelings" He never changes.  And, I love that blogging allows me to start so many sentences with "and." :) 
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